How To Become Digital Nomad

Who is a Digital Nomad & How to become one?

In today’s always-connected world, living a life that is border-less, is no longer just a dream. If you ever dreamt of living a life on the road but wondered if you can make a living while doing so, a living that is not modest and if worked hard upon then even luxurious, then lo and behold, we are in that era of mankind. Digital Nomadism has been gaining traction in the last decade but now it’s a full-fledged reality.

What does Digital Nomad mean?

If you look at the word, Digital conveys technology-dependent, to be inferred as, making money online and Nomad is simply someone with no specific address or rather an address that changes every couple of months or even weeks. So basically any tech-savvy individual can dream of being a digital nomad and even make it possible.

In this lifestyle, minimalism and ‘work from home’ availability, are of key importance. You don’t have to be a true minimalist, but just enough so that you can pack your life up and move to a new location, whenever you desire to do so. But when it comes to ‘Work From Home’, that has to be of the most extreme sense because you probably will not even be in the same continent. And to get a feel of work-environment Co-working space will be your office, which has led them, in exotic places, to become a hub for Digital Nomads.

The life of a digital nomad gives you flexible hours, which means that you can work when you feel like working; completing a deadline is just as important as in a fixed job, but here you have more freedom. You can choose to work during early morning hours and have the entire day to travel or relax at the beach, or you could work during the day in the co-working space, giving you an office atmosphere and you can reach back to the crazy nightlife that only a tourist destination can offer.

This life also offers no limitation as to where you have to live. So people from the western hemisphere, carry with their jobs with the salaries offered in that part of the world and live in the eastern hemisphere, having a very low cost of living. This financial structure gives you the liberty of always being on a vacation, and yet always be working.

The working atmosphere is something that you get to choose and makes the work-life much better, I mean do you like the idea of working at the beach, or in a coffee shop overlooking it, or on the hill that you just trekked to, or sometimes even the comfort of your bed?

Now the question is, how does one become a Digital Nomad?

Skills! Skills! Skills!

Skills are the foundation of any career, and with Digital Nomadic life, digital skills are the core of the path. The best thing about digital skills is that you can learn them without needing much of in-person interaction, making them the easiest to be learnt over the internet.

I am not saying you can learn everything from videos alone, but these days, you can find an online tutor for almost anything, especially for a digital line of work. There are many course-offering websites, that you can choose to learn from, get certificates or even get an entire degree. Always learning and being at the bleeding edge of your choice of field, will help you be better at finding a job online and getting paid higher than average. And being paid high is very important because you won’t be able to live a travel life on a small income.

Some of the online learning websites are:

Get Paid

The next step and obviously the most important one, is getting a source of income. Money is the only way to survive in this world of ours, and when you are looking at rented life, then the money is even more crucial. There are a couple of different styles of jobs that you could potentially be looking at :

Remote Job

The trickiest option, but the best one, is to convince your existing employer to turn your on-site job in a remote-job. This is a rare occurrence but if you can manage this, then you don’t need to look further.
The next option is to find a remote-job in your existing city and then start the life of a nomad. This is a preferred choice, as you will be having the most network in the city that you hail from and thus finding a job will be much easier.
The other option is to find a remote-job anywhere in the world, this is tricky because you are competing against the entire world for these jobs, but this is what you will be looking at, once you start the nomadic life and want to shift jobs.


Freelancing is one option that you should be looking at even if you already have a job, or freelancing can also be your full-time paying avenue. It is one of the best-suited ventures when it comes to being a Digital Nomad, because of the flexibility that it can offer.

A few sites to help with Freelancing


Entrepreneurship is another way of going about the Digital Nomad Life. But this, in most likelihood, has to be an online business. You could treat it like a side-gig if you already have other sources of incomes, but if you are putting all your eggs in this basket, then this is the riskiest jump that could potentially lead to high rewards.

A small list of possible jobs or self-employed careers:

  • Web development
  • Digital marketer and SEO specialists
  • Virtual Assistant for social media and other online work
  • Graphic designer
  • Consultant (Being a digital nomad consultant is also an opportunity)
  • Customer support executive, online or on call or in-person
  • Language teacher in the eastern hemisphere
  • Create online courses
  • Self-published books
  • Copywriter
  • Photographer

Being Nomadic

Once Finances are sorted, you move towards being a nomad, which means, you have to remove the obstacles in the path of your nomadic freedom.


For this, firstly, you will have to complete any and every financial obligation that you might have, this could mean any kind of load that you have taken, you do not want a financial burden on your head while living on the road. Secondly, you want to sort out your relationship, because being on the go, has its own challenges, so coming clear on the relationship front is very important. Some might have to end it, while some might have a long-distance journey ahead, while some lucky ones, might find a partner in crime!


Now comes the part of getting rid of your possessions, all you can keep, is what you can travel with. You can’t live with a big TV or a desktop, nor can you have the equipment that you keep in your garage to record your DIY projects. Minimalism is the goal, achieving it as much as you can, should be the target. By the way, giving up on the comfort of a house will be one of the tough choices that you will make.


Now comes the part of choosing your destination, you want to choose something affordable according to your paycheck. You want to choose a place with a good internet connection, especially since all your work will be online, let it be finding a new client or sending your work to your employer or even the research that you need to do for your next project, everything is online. Rest, is your preference, you want a big city or a small one, or you want an exotic location, do you prefer beaches or mountains or do you want an island city; the world is your oyster.

Finally, you have to get over the fear that comes with the idea of being a Digital Nomad and…

Take the leap.

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed the article, do let me know your thoughts about this way of life in the comment section below.