Pole Reversal & Magnetic Field

Pole-Reversal of Earth’s Magnetic Field due to its Weakening?

Something is weakening Earth’s Magnetic Field rapidly and we dont know what it is causing it. It has been happening for almost a decade but now it is causing disturbances in the motion of satellites and other spacecrafts flying above the region most affected

Earth’s Magnetic Field 

The earth’s magnetic field, also known as Geomagnetic Field, is very crucial for all life form on Earth. mainly because it protects us from Cosmic Radiation which can lead to Cancer along with other charged particles coming from Sun. It is generated due to the motion of molten Iron and Nickel in Earth’s outer core, 2890 km below our feet. 

South Atlantic Anomaly

South Atlantic Anomaly is the region between South America and Africa where the magnetic Intensity has reduced. It has formed the center of least intensity in the last 5 years.


There are speculations that this could be a sign of Pole Reversal. Pole Reversal simply means that the North and South pole of Earth will interchange. the last time this occurred was 780,000 years ago. The shift occurs over the period of a few hundred years, during which various poles form all around the Earth. This reversal should occur every 250,000 years and it would be surprising if it initiates in the coming years.

European Space Agency

European Space Agency (ESA) have been studying magnetic field since 2013, they were the ones to make this discover using agency’s Swarm constellation which is a cluster of  of satellites, designed to study different magnetic signals. 

Researchers say that Earth has lost 9% of its magnetic intensity in the last 200 years.

They also say that this is no concern for worry as it is well within the range of normal levels of fluctuations.