Evidence of Parallel Universe

Did We Just Find Evidence of Parallel Universe?

All of us who have thought about Parallel Universes have toyed with the idea of finding our alter-ego and grilling him/her/them about their life. We all have wondered how things would be different in that world, what would our life be like, what would the world be like, would we still have a similar history or completely different? Would that world be technologically advanced as compared to ours and if so then what technology could we bring back to our world? Well, we haven’t reached the place where we will be able to quench that thirst of ours, but we have got to the possible first step in that direction.

Scientist down in Antarctica were conducting regular day’s job, you know sending things up in the air, determining and conducting experiments on things smaller than atoms, checking up on particles that arrive from stars billions of miles away. Yes, the things that most of us don’t even comprehend. During one of their experimental setups procedure, they found something that baffled them and led to a discussion of it probably being evidence of a parallel universe.

The Readings

Experts sent A Giant Balloon 121,000 ft up in the air, for reference, commercial flights fly at altitudes between 31000 ft to 38000 ft, above Antarctica to carry NASA’s Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA). The reason to send it up in the air is to avoid the interference that radio waves create at the sea level, which would distort the findings.

Earth continuously receives High and Low Energy sub-atomic particles from outer space. The key difference in observing them is that Low-Energy particles can pass right through Earth, while High-Energy Particles get stopped by the dense solid structure of Earth. So basically, what was expected was that ANITA would record High-Energy particles coming only from Outer-Space towards the Earth and Low-Energy particle coming from both sides. Scientists estimate that about 100 trillion Neutrinos pass through our bodies every second.

What baffled the scientists was that there was evidence of High-Energy Particles, Tau Neutrinos, going from Earth towards the Outer Space. This has been a serious point of discussion between the learned scientists for the last four years, but to no avail. After considering many possibilities, one of the strong contenders is the theory of Parallel Universe.

Scientists’ Claim

Scientists are claiming that the reverse movement of the Tau Neutrinos is a strong suggestion of a Parallel Universe with Physics rules completely Opposite to ours. They claim that the Time should be moving in the opposite direction to that of our Universe, as the Neutrinos are going opposite to the direction of which they should be headed towards. Their theory suggests that the Parallel Universe came into being simultaneous to our own at the beginning of our time i.e. The Big Bang, 13.8 billion years ago.

A word of Caution

Scientists are not saying that this theory is accurate with certainty. Their claim is that this is one of the most plausible theories, but other theories are also being considered.