Apple Glass Leaks

Apple Glass – Leaks, Tech Details and Price

After the miserable failure of Google Glass, now we have the next Tech-giant, Apple trying their hands at it. They are intending to call them Apple Glass, not so innovatively. 


Long-time Apple analyst Ming-Cho Kuo provided product updates to investors recently in which he said Apple Glasses won’t be ready for shipping till 2022 at the earliest but Jon Prosser believes otherwise. He shared on twitter claiming to have seen the glasses and said the launch is targeted at the second quarter of 2021.

Prosser’s tweet: I can’t believe I’m going against Kuo on this one… but I believe he’s wrong. Apple Glasses are aimed for March-June 2021. Also. I’ve seen them. They’re sleek as hell. Will be showing you soon

Going by the sources, even though claiming different timelines, we can say that the project is surely in the pipelines and I am excited to see Apple’s take on the new world that we are about to enter. 

Tech Details

Apple would be using their new proprietary operating system named ‘Starboard’ on their product. These glasses will also have their own dedicated app store for third-party apps. 

Apple Glass’ processing power will be the connected phone, a very smart move by Apple to make the design as sleek as possible.

They will come with a LiDAR sensor on the right temple, it would bring augmented reality right into your vision. There will be no other cameras, citing privacy concern, though that is not 100% confirmed.

For now, these glasses will not have a tinted glass as it is very difficult to show information on the said type of glass.

The main focus of the glasses will be to bring information from your face and display them right in your vision.

They will be wirelessly charged using a dock and will also have a wireless charging case. For charging on the dock, you would have to place the glasses upside down with the front of the apple glass facing downwards.


The pricing of this product will be in line with most of the smart-watches, tentative pricing would be around $499 + prescription glass charges. We are yet not sure as to whether the charging case is included in the price or will it be sold separately. At this price-point, we are looking at a mass product and not something that only tech-enthusiasts would be buying. 


I think this will be a brilliant product, especially since they are planning for a processor free design, making it as compact and light as possible. Apple seems to have learnt from Google’s mistake about having a camera in your face every time you wear them, not having a camera on it makes the product feel very safe for the end-user and the people in front of them.

But as always, don’t think about buying the first generation, my suggestion would be to wait for at-least the second-gen because by then they would have improved tremendously on the app and design of the product.