Android 11 R Features

Android 11 (R) – Latest Android Version – Features to expect.

Google is known to give major upgrades with its every new version of Android, and this time is no different. We are looking at the first Beta release in early June.

I have listed down a few of the major uplifts that await you with the new version of Android 11 ( R ), based on the 4 Developer Previews.

Recent-Apps Menu

  • Real-Estate
    • The recent apps are shown on a much bigger real-estate of the phone as compared to what we see in the current version of Android
  • Screenshot
    • The first option on the the recent-apps menu is of screenshot, which lets you take the screenshot of the recent app. 
    • There is also share option, that directly takes a screenshot and lets you share the image
    • It is being hinted that you will be able to take ‘long’ screenshot that will let you take the image that scrolls through the app
  • Easy-to-use text selection tool
    1. The recent-apps menu will have a new button which will allow you select text from the app visible in the menu
    1. when you hit select, it highlights the text on the last app you used, and then you can select the text and do the usual copy and paste

Increased Touch Sensitivity

There is an option to increase touch sensitivity which will specially benefit phones with thinker screen-protectors like tempered glass. This feature will also come in handy when using touchscreen-compatible gloves


The new API called setCameraAudioRestiction() lets the app developers mute notifications when their app is using camera, helping you not get interrupted by vibration or sound when trying to record something

Native Screen Recorder

  • This feature was first introduced in Android 10 developer Preview but was not rolled out in the final version due to instability.
  • Now you will get a direct icon in your quick settings.
  • Once you click it, you will get a pop-up asking whether you want to record the screen, and after clicking yes and 3 second time, the screen will start getting recorded.
  • You go into notifications panel to stop it.

Always-on Location Access

You will no longer see the pop-up allowing the app to always use the location, instead you will have three options 

  • Only this time
  • While using the app
  • Deny
  • It is still possible to grant the ‘always-on’ permission but that will require extra steps in the settings app

Chat Bubbles

  • This will allow messaging apps to be shown as bubbles like that of Facebook chat.
  • To enable this you will need to go in the settings and search for ‘bubbles’, and enable it. Currently this is available only with ‘Developer Option’
  • Once enabled the setting, when you receive a notification, long press on the notification and tap ‘Show as bubble’, this will force all the notification from that app as a bubble.

Airplane Mode

  1. Activating the ‘Airplane Mode’ currently disables Bluetooth as well.
  2. This will change as, when you have an active Bluetooth connecction, turning on the ‘Airplane Mode’ will n longer cut the connection

Power Button

  1. Long pressing power button, currently, shows the power menu only
  2. In the new OS, Power menu will be accompanied with Quick Controls for your smart devices and some of the saved wallets.


  • Notifications will now be grouped into segments of ‘Alerting’, ‘Conversations’ and ‘Silent’ with gaps between them
  • There will also be a feature to see previously dismissed notifications.

There are loads of other features that will be coming with the new update, I have included the ones that are likely to impact the most when it comes to user experience directly from the OS.

Thanks for reading